Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Big Losers and Big Winners

When you're dieting, then losing is winning.  In diet clubs, the biggest losers, are the biggest winners.  Therefore, it seems, that winning is a matter of definition.

I was trying to explain this at cribbage, the other day.  The person I was talking to, couldn't fathom why anyone would play a game, knowing that they'd probably lose.  Well, it so happens, that I take an elderly friend to play cribbage.  If the truth be known, I only go for her.  I'm not that interested.  My friend and I are partners.  I wouldn't change partners.  Friendship is more important to me than winning.

Some of my kids are runners.  They have yet to win a race and probably never will.  They don't run to be first; they run for different reasons, and when that reason is satisfied, then they win:

          They join in the race.
          They give it their best.
          They don't give up.
          They endure and persist.
          They cross the finish line, sooner than last time.

That's how I play cribbage.  My friend and I begin together; we have fun; we end together; we shared a good time.  In my mind, we won.


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