Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Life

Would you believe that Ester carried me to the top of Noon Hill?
The Trail Hikers walked Noon Hill in Shattuck Reservation, Medfield MA, this morning.  It was just what we needed.  We started silent.  Of course our thoughts were about the Boston Marathon bombing.  Soon we were talking about it as we walked.  At 370 feet, it was a gentle climb, over woodlands, around Holt pond.  Wherever we saw water, we saw beautiful green shoots of skunk cabbage.  We marveled at birds we haven't seen since the fall.  The trees were budding.

Particularly interesting were the silver leaves on birch trees.  It was explained that these were old leaves that didn't drop off like other trees do.  These birch tree leaves stood out.  They looked like silver trees in the woods.  When new buds come, they push off these leaves.

It was nice to see life beginning again.  If nature can start over, then we human beings can begin again.  These were our thoughts, on this beautiful spring day.

P.S.  Ester is about 5'2".  I'm 5'7".  Never mind the weight! We're just fooling around.


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