Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Catholic Church Wins the Race

There were a lot of turtles and frogs in the lily pond, in the Garden in the Woods.  The turtles, or rather the environment, put me in a meditative mood.

Did you know that turtles have been around since the dinosaurs, millions of years ago?  They seem so placid, like the tale of the tortoise and hare: "slow and steady win the race."  They aren't flashy, but they're valuable.

Kind of like the Catholic Church.  Evangelical or charismatics may seek out flashier churches.  Some want more modern, current, new churches.  But "slow and steady (and true) win the race.

Whatever one wishes the Catholic Church to change into, is irrelevant.  What will win the race is the fact that the Catholic Church has the Eucharist.  From the Last Supper, to today's Mass, it's always the same truth.  That's what will win the race.


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