Sunday, April 14, 2013

Assured Destruction

Shadownet is a community of egos relating to Janus, the major character in Assured Destruction by Michael F. Stewart.  Janus and her mom own the company, Assured Destruction.  The business is to destroy computer hard drives.  Only Janus doesn't – always.  She snoops.

It all falls apart one day at school, when two of her friends’ lives have been exposed on the internet.  Janus realizes that she had inadvertently commented on a friend’s vacation, which led to her house being robbed.  Another catastrophic slip was sending a nude photo of a friend to someone.

Janus tries to right what went wrong, while trying to figure out who’s hacked Shadownet.  Circumstances storm out of control:

  • The business, Assured Destruction demands too much of her time.
  • Her mother is exercising her parental authority very strictly.
  • Her computer teacher’s assumed jealously.
  • Two potential boyfriends.
  • Her mother’s boyfriend.
  • Demanding school work.
  • Realizing that her hacker knows what she’s doing before she herself knows.

The bad guy isn’t who you think it is.  I’m not giving a spoiler.  You have to read it yourself.  The story will draw you in.
From reading the web site, I see where this book is the first, in a proposed series.  And it’s considered Young Adult.  But I’m not a “young adult,” and I enjoyed it.  I know you will too.

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