Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Everybody was always talking about the program, Downton Abbey.  Eventually, I gave in and joined the crowd.  I started watching Season III.  From watching this season, I became enmeshed in the character's lives, just like everybody else.  But my assessment of the characters was different than everyone else's.

My favorite character is Mrs. Hughes.  I like Thomas, next, although he was considered "flawed", he added interest, to me.  Of course, Mr. Bates in prison touched me, too.  I didn't like Matthew.  His histrionics over giving Downton the money drove me crazy.

A friend lent me Season I and II.  I have now watched the entire story, so far.  And my character assessments have shifted, or altered a bit.  Just goes to show that there's always more to the eye than is obvious.

My new favorite is Mathew.  And I'm shocked at Lord Grantham.  Shocked!  I see the necessity of his fall from grace, to make his character more forgiving.  But still.

The Dowager Countess steals the show.


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