Monday, August 13, 2018

Argonauta's Book List for 2018-19

Sept. 13-----Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Oct. 11-----A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline

November 8-----The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

December 13-----The Sun and Her Flowers by Rupi Kaur

January 10-----The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

February 14-----The Overstory by Richard Powers

March 14----Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

April 11-----The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

May 16-----The Radium Girls by Kate More

June 13-----Luncheon Of the Boating Party by Susan Vreeland

Summer Break

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Hospital Chaplaincy

Father Elias Ojomah
God always surprises me.  Hubby has been in Brigham and Women's Hospital, in Boston, for the last five days.  And today is Sunday.  I needed to go to Mass to pray for him.  The Mass celebrant was new to the parish. He introduced himself as Father Elias Ojomah from the Catholic chaplaincy at Brigham and Women's Hospital.

!!!!What do you think about that?  Too coincidental to be a coincidence. I talked to Father Elias afterward.  Wouldn't it be something if he visited hubby?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Dear Sisters

My Dear Sisters, Life of Bl. Jean-Joseph Lataste, OP, Apostle to Prisoners (1832-1869 by Fr. Jean-Marie Gueullette, OP, translated by Fr. George G. Christian, OP

Author: Fr. Jean-Marie Gueullette, OP
Genre: Biography
Date Published:  Les Editionos Du Cerf,, Paris 2012.  Translated 2018 by Fr. George G. Christian, OP, New Hope Publications, New Hope Kentucky,
Number of Pages: 260 softcover
Print Price: $22.95

This 2018 translation of the recently beatified Fr. M. Jean-Joseph Lataste, OP, the spiritual father of the Dominican Sisters of Bethany, was written by the Vice-Postulator of his cause for beatification, Fr. Jean-Marie Gueullette, OP.  Gueullette tells Fr. Lataste’s life, from birth to death in a balanced and thorough account and is very much worth reading for fans of Catholic biographies, and those involved in the Catholic chaplaincies inside prisons. The author’s rendering of the intellectual and social milieu of the times adds understanding to the situations Fr. Lataste had to deal with.  Fr. Lataste was a prophet, and like all prophets, his ideas were not universally welcomed, not even by his order.  But you can’t hold down the Holy Spirit, and God’s will prevails.
Fr. Lataste was all about mercy and redemption.  He is known as the "Apostle of Prisons."  He was a French Dominican who lived in the 19th century.  As a new preacher, he was assigned to preach a retreat in a women's prison.  The women were used to sermons that condemned them for their crimes and emphasized their unworthiness.  But Pere Lataste's sermon spoke of God's love.

           My dear sisters!
           I am not sure whether you noticed: in the beginning, what I called you: My dear sisters,--
          My dear sisters!  Do you understand that? After all, what are you to me? P. 98

The women were surprised.  They came into the chapel with their heads down, disgraced women who were too ashamed to look a priest in the eyes.  But as the good friar spoke of God's love, then one by one their heads popped up.  Their expressions changed from surprise, to attentive, to hopeful, to being, oh, so very open.

Nota Bene: this is Lataste spirituality.  He tells the inmates that they are equal to nuns  and monks. Appreciating women as his sisters in Adam and in Jesus Christ, Fr. Lataste developed an idea absolutely original in the history of the Church…he ventured to formulate the notion of welcoming into religious life ex-prisoners.  God forgave them and they felt called to contemplative life. P. 232

    The community of Bethany was conceived in the heart of Fr. Lataste during adoration
     of the Blessed Sacrament in prison, while he was praying in the midst of inmates like
     a brother among his sisters and as he felt overwhelmed by the enthusiasm that
     filled the chapel
.  P.233

This is the biography Fr. Gueullette relates. Although it is a scholarly work, written by an academic, it is very readable.  You learn not only about Fr. Lataste but about his innovative idea of prisoners becoming Dominican nuns.  His spirituality is all about God’s immense love and mercy.  Fr. Gueullette meticulously researched his biography and his intellectual scholarship adds credibility to this interesting new biography.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Cyber Threat to the Country

The President Is Missing: A NovelA few days ago I spent on a visit to the hospital.  It took the whole entire day.  While there, I read a 513-page book, The President is Missing by Bill Clinton and James Patterson.  Yes, that's Bill Clinton the former president and James Patterson, the award-winning mystery writer.

The white house descriptions and the interaction between the people who surround the president, obviously are Clinton's contribution.  The suspense I give credit to Patterson.  It is a page-turner.  I didn't want to do anything else but find out what was going on in the book.

There's a real cyber threat to the country.  Everything will shut down.  Think about it, e.i., hospitals, financial institutions, etc.  The country couldn't function.  We would be open to military attack.  The story is the race to figure out how to stop it.  To complicate matters, the president is sick and his health is fading fast.

I've already said, I couldn't put the book down.  It's a page-turner.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Bat Mystery

If they make their way into a house, bats are often seen on drapes or curtains. Wade Tregaskis

He's gone.  But how did he ever get in?

Last night, hubby was watching baseball in the living room.  I was watching mysteries on PBS in another room.  Suddenly, a bat flew around the room.  I couldn't believe it!  Where did it come from?

I close the door so it wouldn't fly around the house.  I yelled for hubby.  Together we worked to get it out.  We opened the windows and try to swat it out.  It finally landed inside a window valence.  We threw the blanket over the entire window so he couldn't get out into the room.  It had no choice but to go out the window.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

New and Improved

Lectio:   Ezekiel 36: 25-27

I will sprinkle clean water upon you to cleanse you from all your impurities, and from all your idols I will cleanse you.  I will give you a new heart and place a new spirit within you, taking from your bodies your stony hearts and giving you natural hearts.  I will put my spirit within you and make you live by my statutes, careful to observe my decrees.


Ezekiel had thought the people had to repent and remain righteous if they were ever to leave Babylon.  But here Ezekiel prophesizes a new message.  God is going to gather His people and bring them back where He will purify them and remove their idols. God will give them new hearts so they can hear His Word.  Now they can obey and remain obedient, with the help of the Spirit.


This Lectio has a different and very personal meaning for me.  My non-church going husband is having open heart surgery on the feast of Saint Dominic.  (May St. Dominic intercede for me.)  So I am praying that hubby's new heart will hear God's Word.  That he will desire to get as close to God as possible, with the help of the Spirit.


St. Dominic, you are known to have much compassion.  I pray that you continue my prayers to have hubby's surgery successful.  And that this time of recuperation be an opportunity to grow in faith.


St. Dominic, ora pro mi spousa.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Father James DeAdder

My prayer group, Our Lady of Mercy, many years ago spiritually adopted Father James DeAdder.  We prayed for him, we sent greeting cards, gifts, and visited him.  I was saddened today to learn of his death.  May he rest in peace.

Father James W. DeAdder Pilot file photo

One of the four children of the late James and Alice (Browne) DeAdder, Father James W. DeAdder was born June 30, 1927 in Lawrence and grow up next door in North Andover, a son of the town's only parish, St. Michael.

He attended local schools and on graduation from high school in 1944 he entered the United States Army. During his military service he attended both the University of Maine and Norwich University in Vermont. Returning to civilian life he completed his collegiate undergraduate career at Boston College with a B.S.B.A. degree and entered St. John Seminary. He was sent to complete theological studies in Rome, living at the Pontifical North American College. He was granted a license in sacred theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University.

The rector of PNAC, the Most Rev. Martin J. O'Connor, ordained him to the priesthood in the seminary chapel on Dec. 17, 1955. Father DeAdder returned to the archdiocese and was appointed an assistant at St. Margaret of Scotland, Beverly. He returned to the Eternal City for further studies in 1957 and was granted both a Ph.D. and S.T.D., doctoral degrees respectively in philosophy and theology from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas -- the Angelicum.

Returning again to the archdiocese he was appointed an assistant at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston; then at St. Mary of the Annunciation, Cambridge and what would be his last parish assignment at Sacred Heart, East Boston.

In July 1964 he was appointed to the faculty of the newly created Pope John XXIII Seminary for Delayed Vocations; now Pope St. John XXIII National Seminary, Weston. He would serve at the seminary for a record 33 years, as a faculty member and as the seminary's third rector (1973-1981). In his spare time he also obtained a law degree, J.D., from Suffolk University and was a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. On June 30, 1997 he was granted senior priest/retirement status by Cardinal Bernard Law.

He retired, initially to the family home in North Andover, and subsequently in 1999 to Regina Cleri Residence in Boston. Although retired he assisted in archdiocesan parishes among them, St. Barbara, Woburn.

Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley, OFM Cap. was to be the principal celebrant of Father DeAdder's Funeral Mass at St. Michael Church, North Andover on July 27. Msgr. Dennis F. Sheehan, Father DeAdder's successor as rector of Pope St. John Seminary and fellow faculty member with him there was to be the homilist of the Mass.

Father DeAdder's survivors include his younger siblings, all residents of North Andover, his sister, Nancy Barry and brothers Robert and Donald.

Father DeAdder was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, North Andover.

Argonauta's Book List for 2018-19

Sept. 13-----Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng Oct. 11-----A Piece of the World by Christina Baker Kline November 8-----The Great A...