Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Killer Collective

The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler is a thriller.  Livia is the principal character.  She's a detective for the Seattle police force, specifically sex crimes division.  There are hints that she takes vengeance upon the perpetrators of sex crimes because of her past, but her background is never revealed. 
    The plot begins just when she finds a connection to high up federal agencies involved in sex crimes.  Her partner is blown up and she is almost killed.  She seeks help from Dox, who has been waiting in the wings for her.  Dox assembles others to help since the investigation leads to international child pornography. 
     The action is heart thumping.  The dialogue is snappy.  The plot is believable.  And it ends satisfactorily.  The vile are eliminated.  But that's the end of my spoilers.  Good Book.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Christus Vivit

My "cloistered brothers" discussed Christus Vivit, today.  This is an apostolic exhortation for youth and others who are interested.  The group had a couple of men who were in their 20's, a couple in their 60's, and the rest in-between.  They were interested in the document, pointing out that the exhortation did not only mean "youth" in age but also "youth" in faith.  Many of them were not life- time Catholics, or lifetime faithful Catholics so they felt that they qualified as "Catholic youth."

The message was that God is always there.  He will wait for you. Many can attest to that.  The idea of "doubt" took up most of the conversation.  And most felt "doubt" a good attribute.  Some even claimed that God would look with favor on people who doubted.  Paragraph 7 states With Gideon we have the question, " But if the Lord is with us, why then have all these things happened to us?" (Jg 6: 13).  And God was not offended by this question. In fact, he ordered Gideon, "Go in this might of yours and deliver Israel!" (Jg 6:14).

God understands doubt and doubt leads to question.  But think about it.  We wouldn't question if we didn't believe in God.

Another good point was our diversity, not only in age but background.  We don't think alike.  This is a strength, in our Lay Dominican Chapter.  Other chapters probably all are strict conservatives.  But we dialogue our differences and learn more, especially with those of other religions who like to attend our study groups.  What's there to learn, if everyone thinks like you?

Discussing Christus Vivit was a good exercise for us.

Friday, May 17, 2019

The Groundhog and The Quahog

The Story Behind Quahog Day

You know that groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who predicts when spring will come.  BTW, he was wrong this year. Well, he has a rival weather predicter--Doug the Quahog. Doug, every first day of summer, will tell his human interpreter, the pirate Johnny Quahog, how many beach days Cape Cod will have. 

It's summer fun.  Like Punxsutawney Phil has his top hat accomplices, Doug the Quahog has a group of black-suited men and women with clam rakes.  That's Doug the Quahog's security team. Check out this link to find out the location where Doug the Quahog will predict the number of beach days on the Cape.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Maurin and Isidore

Today is the feast of St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers.

Lord God,
all creation is yours, and you call us to serve you
by caring for the gifts that surround us.
May the example of Saint Isidore urge us
to share our food with the hungry
and to work for the salvation of mankind.

So I'm wondering if it's such a coincidence that I should be reading about Peter Maurin, this morning.  May God bless him especially on this memorial day of St. Isidore.  Peter Maurin didn't agree with our American outlook of rugged individualism.  As a Catholic, he was communal.  He even went further and adopted "personalism".  This is a philosophy that emphasizes the dignity and free will in each of us.  Each and everyone must take a personal responsibility to help the other.

Peter Maurin is known for setting up farming communes.  There are still some around.  Click on this link to learn about Maurin and his farming legacy. Don't confuse this poor saint with Isidore of Seville.  Isidore the farmer was born and died poor.  Not so the bishop of Seville.  Isidore the farmer is the patron of the United States National Rural Life Conference.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Chicago archbishop apologizes for Farrakhan visit to Catholic Church

Chicago archbishop apologizes for Farrakhan visit to Catholic Church: WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The archbishop of Chicago apologized to the local Jewish community after a priest in the city invited the leader of the Nation of Islam to speak at his church, days after he was banned from Facebook.
 (CNS photo/Karen Callaway, Chicago Catholic/Rebecca Cook, Reuters)

You have to read the entire article to read what was said.  Click on the link.

Sunday, May 12, 2019


St. Mary's Book Club's book for this month is Eleanor A Spiritual Biography The Faith of the 20th Century's Most Influential Woman, by Harold Ivan Smith.  I had difficulty in procuring this book through the Minuteman Library System.  There was one book circulating but I did sign up.  The Sails Library System had none.  Amazon wanted $ 17.00 and the Kindle version is $ 16.00. But what if I don't like it.  I've wasted $ 17-16! 

I decided I wasn't going to bother.  When the book club discussion came around, I was going to offer the suggestion that we check the availability of our book suggestions.

Then I got an email saying the library had my book!

It is a noteworthy book.  Well written, well researched and easy to read.  Eleanor was a Christian woman and followed Christ throughout her life.  She had a miserable childhood.  But she was introduced to Jesus and was shaped by His teachings.   Even when she married, her mother-in-law could and sometimes did, make life uncomfortable but she trusted that God had a plan and she trusted Him.  Then when Franklin became president she blossomed.

She became his legs and muse.  She wrote a syndicated newspaper column and magazine articles.  After being First Lady she became our ambassador to the United Nations. Many criticized but she rose above the fray. 

She was her own person, a child of God.  Thanks be to God.

The Killer Collective

The Killer Collective by Barry Eisler is a thriller.  Livia is the principal character.  She's a detective for the Seattle police f...