Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Third Death

Today as I was praying and walking through the cemetery, I came across a gravestone that I couldn't see due to the overgrown bush in front of it.  The fact that no one has trimmed that vegetation in front of that grave, gave me food for thought.  I thought of the three deaths my Mexican friends describe: when you stop breathing, when you are put in the ground, when no one is alive to remember and pray for you.

Hence, their remembrance of their loved ones on November 2, All Souls' Day, Dia de Muertos.

I actually turned around and walked back.  I took a picture of that vegetation hidden grave.  I even separated the branches and leaves, to read the name on the headstone.  I couldn't.  This was one of those skinny, flat, upright stone markers with the name and dates carved on it.  Only I couldn't read anything.  The information was well worn away.

Why this sight stayed with me, or why it brought to mind Dia de Muertos, is a puzzle, but it brought me to prayer.

 In fact, you know how there are holy cards of saints.  You know,...you usually get them at funerals.  On the front is a picture and on the back is the information about the deceased: name, dates, etc.  Well, I'm going to keep the picture I took of this old gravestone.  It will remind me of my Third Death, Dia de Muertos, the Communion of Saints, my mortality...  Who knows? Some day it just may be my own holy card.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Guide Book for Third Grade Book

It's summer and school's out.  I call to convene the Grand Book Club.  Our first book is Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals by Peter Raymundo.  Here is the guidebook to follow as you read the book.  (Please excuse the format of the questions.  I couldn't copy and paste exactly.)

        1. Who is the author of Third Grade Mermaid and the Narwhals?

2.  What day does the story begin?

  3.  Who is the best bedtime story reader ever?
   4. What is a nonfiction book?
    5. Who are the unicorns of the sea?
    6. What is the name of the story the mermaid wrote?
     7. What is the mermaid’s name?
      8. Where does Vivian Shimmermore sit?
      9. What kind of whale is the teacher, Mr. Spouter?
      10. What happens to the student 
      11. What did everyone do when Cora finished reading her story?


1.     Why did Mr. Spouter nominate Cora to represent the school for the upcoming Ocean Writes Contest?
2.   What happens when you win the contest? 
3.  Who is the smartest shrimp?
4.  What is the name of the jellyfish friend?
5.   What is the name of the sea cucumber?
6.   What is the most deadly creature in the ocean?

1.      What are the 3 S’s?
2.   When sailors hear the sirens sing what happens?
3.         What is that horn on a narwhal?
               4.    What is the SSCAB?
               5.   Why did Cora’s mother say YES?

1.     Who doesn’t have parents?
2.   Who was adopted?
3.    Name everybody who went on the adventure?
1.      Who was everybody afraid of?
                    2.   What is the name of the biggest jellyfish in the world?
                          3. What is the name of the king of the sea pigs? 
                         4.   What was the cage made of?

1.     Who was shrinking?
2. Who was at the sea caves first?
3.   What did Vivian break?
4.   Who was afraid of the dark?

1.      Where did Cora write her story?

1.      What was the worst thing Cora ever did?   


                    1.      Who got on the cover of Splashy! Magazine?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Council of Cardinals finalizes draft of new document on Roman Curia

Council of Cardinals finalizes draft of new document on Roman Curia: VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis will review a finalized draft of the apostolic constitution that would govern the Roman Curia, the Vatican spokesman said. Read the duties of the Curia, now.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Wearing a Rosary Around Your Neck

There is a little debate about wearing rosaries. In our culture, it isn't usually done.  And then some misguided youth wear rosaries as a sign that they belong to a certain gang.  I'm not talking about the gang symbols.  I'm talking about wearing the rosary around your neck as religious jewelry.  Something happened to a friend of mine, that made me realize that maybe wearing rosaries as necklaces may not be such a bad idea, after all.

Joe carries his rosary in his pocket.  The other day he was hit by a car and went sailing in the air until he landed on the sidewalk, smacking his head on the curbstone.  He was out cold.  But in looking through his belongs to see who he was, a rosary was found.  They called a priest.

The priest was there for him when Joe came around.  Joe was administered the sacrament of the sick for his abrasions and concussion.  Thank be to God.

What do you have or wear to tell people your Catholic?  By the way, Joe also carries a pocket cross in his pocket.  But all Christians recognize the cross; it was the rosary that told people he was Catholic.
As a woman, I don't always have pockets to carry a rosary in.  I do wear a medal but who's going to take a magnifying glass out to examine the wording on my medal.  All Christians can wear crosses; only Catholics wear crosses with a corpus. But who knows that?  Besides Catholics can wear both types of crosses.

It's the rosary.  The rosary screams Catholic.  I will have to wear a rosary as a necklace.  I'm taking my prettiest rosary to the jeweler, to add a jump link and clasp.  Then my jewelry will scream Catholic.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Misplacement of Course Books

When students enroll for a course, they're given a list of books to get for that course.  I propose that it's a misplacement of the texts.  How does the instructor know where the students are? 

I'm thinking of my RCIA class.  How can catechist assign a text without knowing who's entering the class?  One book applicable to both the Satanists and the Catholic who just needs to be confirmed doesn't make sense.  I think copied pages from different books are more useful.  In fact, I think after Easter, IOW after everyone has gone through the sacraments of initiation, then handing out a book list would be valuable. 

Would this also be true for any course?  How does an instructor know what level of expertise his students are--even introductory courses?  I would wait and see how "introductory" my students are.  Once everyone is on the same page (so to speak) then we all use the same book.

Anyway, I'm not ordering books for RCIA, except the catechism.                                                             And even that, will be a graduation present, not a course book.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

           An Old Pair of Shoes

Did you ever come to the parting point
With an old pair of shoes, that are outworn--   
Beyond fixing?  How you hate to part
With them, they fit so well,
As though they were made on your feet.
You can wiggle your toes in them,
For there is plenty of room.
Your feet have molded them with wear
To the right shape.
That little bump bulging on the side
Its the place that nestled your pet corn.
The thought of new shoes gives you the shivers
That corn--Oh! What new shoes will do to it!
And what that corn will do to me!!
"Ah Heck! These old shoes are good enough
                                    for another week."
by Henry Boulanger
in Cliff Dwellers and
other Poems

Saturday, June 9, 2018

After Mass

Our Lady of the Mountains, North Conway, NH
If you go to Mass at St. Mary's in Holliston, MA, you might be puzzled by everyone kneeling down during the recessional.  I didn't think they were kneeling down because the priest was walking by, but why?  Then one day, the priest didn't recess down the aisle, he left by a door to the side of the altar.  He was gone and still, the people knelt.  I finally asked someone why.  "We pray a Hail Mary in thanksgiving for the Mass."

I thought that was unique.  But while in Our Lady of the Mountains in North Conway, NH, the priest after Mass explained to all us tourists that it was their custom to pray a Memorare, after Mass.

Hail Mary!

St. Mary's Holliston, MA

The Third Death

Today as I was praying and walking through the cemetery , I came across a gravestone that I couldn't see due to the overgrown bush ...