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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Credo Ut Intelligam

 Bear with me.  I have a simple mind and Aquinas, Augustin, and Anselm will probably spin in their graves, but here is how I see it and I call it like it is.

What am I talking about?


Look at a light switch.  You believe that when you flip it on, electricity will light up the room.  Try it so that you will understand where I am coming from.

See what I'm saying?  You believed to understand and after you tried it, you understand and know believe.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024


 Today I was reading about mental health counselors giving their patients books to read to help them heal. I suppose the books had to be specifically chosen to help, otherwise...  Good grief, can you imagine!

Anyway, my first spiritual director and I used to read books together and discuss them.  I loved it and have been looking for someone to do the same, ever since then.  

He also said that the Holy Spirit is the best Spiritual Director and the H.S. has led me to good friends who are readers.  We help each other.

God is good.

The Sheep's Gate

 Whenever I would read John 10: 7, where Jesus says that He is the gate for the sheep, I would picture a pasture with split rail fences.  When it came time to bring the sheep home, I imagined the sheep were corralled into the fence.  Then the gate was latched to keep them penned up and keep them straying into predator's mouths.

This morning, I learned that sheep could be penned anywhere, at night, e.i., caves, walls, behind stones, etc.  The shepherd stayed present all night guarding them.  For example, if the sheep were put in a cave, the shepherd slept across the opening.  He, himself, acted as a gate.

So you should feel safe, now, with Jesus being the gate.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Nero Wannabe

 This book is well named.  Macabre Trophies by Declan Rush is a dark thriller.  It is about a deranged person who named himself Nero.  The reader won't know who Nero is, until the end.  You guess during the entire story.

I received this book as a gift.  I liked it right away because the setting is my area of Cape Cod.  There's Boston references, too.  I knew everything the characters talked about.  That made me enjoy the story, all the more.

The tale begins with Nero's childhood.  Nero came from mentally damaged people, which is why he was such a sicko.  He killed people and played his violin.  Somehow, he received sexual pleasure from his gruesome deeds.  He kept the eyes of certain people, so that when they died, they wouldn't see God.  (I told you he was mentally sick!)  He kept the eyes in jars.  

The crimes are solved by a new reporter, who had just changed jobs.  He was a bartender and wanted a career change.  Meet J.T. O'Rourke.  Besides a new job, he wanted a new neighborhood, so he moved from Boston to Cape Cod.  He also wanted to acquire a new girlfriend, Echo.  Echo is a townie and knows everyone.  She's the newspaper's photographer.  

The author graphically describes his murders.  Sometimes, it's just too much.  Because of the macabre details, I wouldn't recommend this book for everyone. You won't sleep.

Friday, May 17, 2024

The Bestest

 This is a portrait of Carl Sandburg.  The artist is A. Smith.  I was reading his poetry.  Sandburg can be anything: serious, funny, formal, free wheeling and even song.  I was in the mood for humor, today.

The best preacher is the heart,
      say the Jews of faith.
The best teacher is time.
The best book is the world.
The best friend is God.
Carl Sandburg

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Our Father, Again

 Four days ago, I posted about The Lord's Prayer.  Today, I read in Aleteia, that Philip Kosloski is just as much gobstruck as I am, by the thought of the number of people, kinds of people, nationalities, from way back when, 33 AD, that have prayed the very same prayer that I am praying now.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2024


 You know why I like going to shrines, rather than my parish church.  It's because of the variety of people that go there.  Last night I went to a candlelight procession to pray to Our Lady of Fatima.  

In short, in Fatima, Portugal, The Blessed Mother appeared to three children on the 13th of the month, for six months.  The children never veered from their story, in spite of punishments, threats, and deprivations.  And these are young children, who one would think would obey and/or be easily frightened.  

They never changed their story.

I went to a candlelight procession at a nearby shrine.  The candles were wasted because we didn't need them; there was too much daylight.  But it's the faith of the people that carried the procession.

On Sunday, you see people in church, probably because it's Sunday and they feel they're obligated.  But last night, a beautiful evening, no one would have gone to Mass, unless you wanted to go to Mass.  These people are true believers.  Plus, I heard praying in Arabic, Russian, Haitian Creole, French, Indonesian and dialects in Indonesian, Filipino, Italian, Indian, and I can't remember what else.  It brought to mind how universal the Roman Catholic Church is.  Yet, we are One.  Praise be God, the Almighty.  Amen.

Credo Ut Intelligam

 Bear with me.  I have a simple mind and Aquinas, Augustin, and Anselm will probably spin in their graves, but here is how I see it and I ca...