Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kissin Cousins

Last night, the last of the Boston Marathon bombers was caught.  Everyone is relieved that the entire episode is over; we can all breathe a sigh of relief; and we can all pick up our lives where we left off.

For us, it was attending a 50th wedding anniversary.  If the bomber hadn't been caught, Boston would have still been in lock down, and the anniversary party wouldn't have ever happened.

Life goes on.

Hubby and I attended the party for his first cousin.  The wife, Patsy, is hubby's first cousin because they have the same grandparents.  Their fathers were brothers.

The party was especially sweet because of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Everyone cherished this family time, the city of Boston, the ability to celebrate, life, peace, and the grace of God.  It was a reminder of what really is important in life--family.

Especially so, since the last time he saw Patsy, was sixty years ago!

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