Friday, April 5, 2013

More on the Brindle Trail

This post is an addendum to Brindle Trail because I wrote that in a rush this morning.  I was rushing to get to my assigned time for Adoration.  I am afflicted with a crazy blessing.  I see crosses everywhere.  I know it's because the crucified Jesus is ever present in my mind.  And crosses are just a natural phenomenon.  It's a common architectural structure.  ETC!

However, they pop out at me as if they were neon signs.  I'm use to it.

It started about eight years ago.  I was driving home late at night and my car headlights focused on a cross by the side of the road.  It was a cross highlighted by neon.  It seemed to be a neon cross.  But I knew it most probably was a mailbox post.  My eyes were playing tricks on me.

A couple of minutes later, another neon cross popped into view.  It was in the back yard of a house on the corner.  There was a spotlight on their garage that was shining down on a cross.  What the heck was that about?

I was almost home and was approaching an intersection when I noticed the traffic sign.  It was one of those telling motorists that an intersection was ahead.  Those traffic signs abound!  I've seen them zillion of times.  I know they're cross shaped.  How come this one was shining?

I didn't really wonder what the matter was.  I was calm.  I thought that maybe I was becoming a religious fanatic.  But if I were, it felt kind of a nice place to be.

I decided to thank God for reminding me that He is everywhere.  Now every time I see a cross, I say "Thank you Jesus for loving me."

BTW, that night eight years ago was explained naturally.  The first cross was a mail box post.  (It's still there, cross shaped.)  The cross in the back yard was a clothes line post.  (That spot light on the garage has never been left on again.  And I've been looking for it for eight years.)  Lastly, the intersection sign is a frequent reminder to thank Jesus.

Back to the Brindle Trail.  Crosses were in the branches.  Crosses were in the fence posts, bridges, and tree trunks.  Did you ever notice that crosses were at the tops of all pine trees?

Neither did I.


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