Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pretty Women Are Trouble

You will never guess what brought to mind this "oldie but goodie.:

Gen. 12: 10-20

This is the story where Abram was afraid that he might be killed because his wife Sarai was so beautiful.  (In those days, the cops weren't too available.)  He was afraid Pharaoh would have him killed so he could marry Sarai.  So Abram lied, and told everyone that Sarai was his sister.  And Abram profited (at first) from this deception.  Abram received camels, flocks, slaves, etc., so Pharoah could marry Sarai.

The Bible doesn't tell what Sarai thought of the arrangement.  

Anyway, plagues came and Pharaoh found out about the deception and Abram and Sarai got thrown out.  It's a wonder Pharaoh didn't have Abram killed there and then.

Abram could have saved himself a lot of trouble if he had taken Jimmy Soul's advice and "If you wanna be happy never take a pretty woman your wife."


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