Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do's and Don'ts Fashion When Meeting the Pope

Master of the Order of Preachers
has to wear black cappa
when meeting the Pope.

Just in case you're meeting the Pope, don't wear white.  His Holiness, the Pope should be the only one in the room, in white.  Only new brides, are the exception.  You want to be able to find him.  And security want the pope to be easy to track.
    Even Dominicans, when meeting the Pope, have to cover their traditional white habit.  So they wear their black cape (cappa).
    A Catholic Queen is an exception, also.  She can wear white.  But I doubt the Swiss Guard will mix up a lady with the Pope.  Actually the queen doesn't have to be Catholic, but she has to be married to a Catholic.
    Why don't you just forget about white, and wear black?  Don't forget the mantilla.  Women should cover their heads.  Meeting the Pope is a formal occasion.  Formal attire is required.
     All this because of Pius V.  When Pius V was Pope he wore his Dominican habit.  I guess security thought the color was a good idea, because ever since then, the Pope wears white.
     The accessories are optional, e.i., gold ring, gold pectoral cross, mitre, tiara, mozzetta, camauro, and red shoes.  I guess our current Pope Francis I isn't comfortable with the bling, because he doesn't wear any of the accessories.  


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