Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Guardian Angel

"These things I warmly wish for you: someone to love, some work to do, a bit o' sun, a bit o' cheer, and a guardian angel always near." -- Irish blessing

One time I fired myguardian angel.  I had always assumed that it was his job to keep me out of trouble.  So when I found myself in trouble, I blamed my guardian angel.  So I fired him for being asleep on the job.  OK, so I matured and learned about “free will.”

I didn’t like that.  And I tried to return this gift of “free will,” and exchange it for Divine Will.  I thought God would be proud of me for wanting that.   God told me that the 30 day return policy was over, and I had better learn to put my gift of “free will” in alignment with Divine will.  I had better re-hire my guardian angel. 

Let me tell you about my guardian angel.  He’s infuriatingly objective!  He thinks I manipulate with tears, so it has no effect on him.  He’s smarter than I am, so I can’t think of reasons, excuses fast enough.  I can’t sweet-talk him into anything.  He knows me better than I know myself.

And you know what else?  When I find myself in trouble…he smirks.  He has this one eyebrow “know it all” expression, with a “tsk, tsk,” “I told you so,” sideways smile.  It’s infuriating.

 I have thought up a scheme to get rid of him.  I’ll ask God to promote him.  He’s been such a long suffering guardian angel, isn’t time he was promoted to seraphim, throne, dominion, or whatever?

 I’d fire him again but I need him too much.

I’ll give him credit for keeping me out of danger, though.  I don’t know how many car accidents I’ve just barely missed.  Sometimes he’s even kept me out of other dangerous situations (emotional, work related).  It’s awe inspiring how many times I’ve experienced, “that could’ve been me,” situations.  

These are no small matters.

…sigh.  Hmmmm, maybe it’s a case of “better the devil you know…” 

I guess we’re stuck with each other. 

Deo gratias.

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