Saturday, October 13, 2012

Halloween Skit

What do you think of my Halloween skit for T.O.P.S.?  I've had a lot of fun composing it.

Halloween Skit

          Good Angel
           Bad Angel
           Trick or Treater

                Toy shopping cart or basket for a few items
Candy, Halloween stickers, small cans playdoh, noisemakers, Halloween pencils, Halloween bouncy balls, temporary tattoos, small bottles of bubbles, sugar free gum, raisins, etc.
Costume for the Trick or Treater
Face Mask

Narrator:  Halloween will be here before you know it and we all know that Halloween, to most children, means candy.  To promote good nutrition and dental health, is the aim of T.O.P.S. members.  So when trick-or-treaters ring your door bell, offer them some fun alternatives, instead of sugary treats.
Here is a T.O.P.S. member shopping for Halloween treats.
Shopper:        Let’s see.  What should I buy?  What do little kids like?
Bad Angel:     Candy, you dolt!
Good Angel:  Not candy.  Too much sugar.
Shopper:        Candy isn’t good for teeth either.  I don’t want to contribute to their dentists’ yacht fund.
Bad Angel:     It’s Halloween!  One time a year won’t hurt.
Good Angel:  The little kiddies binge on Halloween.  This sets up a bad precedent.
Bad Angel:     Precedent?  President?  Peppermint!  Yes, buy peppermints.  They’re good for you.
Shopper:        It is Halloween.  It is only one night.  Maybe some candy isn’t so bad.
Bad Angel:     Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, (maniacal glee)
Good Angel:  Wait a minute.  Not so fast.  Kids don’t have to have food to have fun.  What kind of message is a T.O.P.S. giving?
Shopper:        I really want to encourage good eating habits.
Bad Angel:     Bah!
Shopper:        I don’t want to give the message that only sweets are good.  But what else do kids like?
Bad Angel:     Cigarettes
Good Angel:  There are lots of fun alternatives to candy.  Look here’s some:
Apples and boxes of raisins, and sun flower seeds
Bad Angel:     GAG!
Good Angel:  and there’s
Stickers,                                  Place items in the cart.
Halloween pencils,
Halloween bouncy balls,
Temporary tattoos,
sugar free gum,
Shopper:        This is the perfect solution.  Kids will be so happy.  And I’m happy.
Bad Angel:     And I’m disgusted.
Good Angel:  And I’m De-e-e-lighted!
Narrator:       It’s now Halloween.  Our T.O.P.S.  shopper has put all the good non-candy alternatives in a big bowl.  The trick-or-treaters can now pick out what they want.  They love doing that.
Bad Angel (wearing face mask):      Trick or Treat!
Good Angel:  What are you supposed to be?
Bad Angel:     A politician
Good Angel:  Figures.
Narrator:       I hear the doorbell.  (Ring a bell, or knock loudly on the door)
Shopper:        Ooohoooh,  I hear someone.
Narrator:       The door is opened.
Trick-or-Treater:      TRICK-OR-TREAT!  TRICK-OR-TREAT!
Shopper:        Oh how cute!  Here’s your treat.  Pick something out of the bowl.
Narrator:       Note how happy the child is. 
Trick-or-Treater:      Thank you.
Shopper:        You’re welcome.  Enjoy.
Good Angel:  Aren’t you glad you listened to me?
Bad Angel:     Hey!  Tomorrow the stores put all their Halloween candy on sale.  Everybody loves a bargain.
Good Angel:  But our T.O.P.S. are intelligent.  They control their emotions, and don’t let emotions control them. …

Narrator: Let’s everyone sing:
Halloween Song: (To the tune of “She’ll Be Comin Around the Mountain)
Oh, we’ll give away all goodies when they come.
Yes, we’ll give away all the goodies when they come.
We won’t buy any candy.  No, we won’t sneak any candy.
No, we won’t eat any candy when they come.
Oh, we’ll give away all goodies when they come.
Yes, we’ll give away all the goodies when they come.
To the witches and the ghosties, to the pirates and the bums,
And we’ll all weigh in with losses, every one!

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