Sunday, October 28, 2012

MOP Concert

When I first saw one of their priests, I did a double take.  I thought he was a Dominican with a blue cummabun.  Then I learned that he belonged to an Order called the Missionaries of the Poor.

When I first saw the initials, after their name, I thought they were Missionary Dominicans, i.e., Missionaries of the Order of Preachers.

Wrong in both cases.  The Missionaries of the Poor started in 1981.  There are brothers, priests, sisters, and lay associates. They work with the poorest of the poor, for no money.  They exist on donations and put on concerts like the one I went to tonight.

I really didn't want to go.  I went to support my neighbor who goes down to Jamaica, to help the MOP.  Was I surprised!  The concert was excellent!

The music was written by their founder and superior general, Rev. Fr. Richard Ho Lung, MOP.  The music was Caribbean style (think Harry Belafonte).  It was so wonderful and uplifting that he had the audience standing, clapping, singing, and dancing.  Yes, that's right--dancing in the aisles.

It got me up and singing.  And!  I spent my last dollar buying three of their CD's.

(Don't tell Hubby.)

I took the long way home and popped in a CD and sang all the way back.  Praise God.  Thank you, Jesus.

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