Monday, October 22, 2012

Loose Cannon

So you think I’m a “loose cannon.” 

Mmmm.  Why would you think that?  Is it because I don't kowtow to you?  Is it because I'm not constantly telling you how wonderful you are?

I'm honest.  I’ll tell you the TRUTH.  When you do something well, I'll praise you.  When you do something that didn’t work well, I’ll tell you.  Just because I’m not passive, and predictably compliant, doesn’t mean I’m a “loose cannon.”

How dull and boring life would be without me.  Life isn’t predictable.  I know I prod the status quo; why is that a negative?  I keep you on your toes. 

I do demand change from circumstances that need it.  Conformity has an insidious, slippery, consequence—obsequiousness. 

You want obedience, buy a dog.  You want predictability, wear a Swiss watch.  You want someone to always agree with you—don’t ask me.

And another thing!

If I’m such a “loose cannon,” then do something about it.  What do you do with real loose cannons?  You secure them. 


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