Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My New Book Club

My new book club has potential.  Its location is the lower level of a church.  I won’t say “basement,” because the noun, “basement,” would belie this “basement.”  It’s too cheery; there’s too much natural light, and atmospheric warmth, for this location to be labeled, “basement.” 

But let’s get back to the book club.

There were eight of us there.  We filled the room.  And every single one of us had something to say.  Everyone added to the discussion.  We laughed together (at men) of course—did I mention that the book was Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts.   What a book!  This country would not “be,” if it were not for our “Founding Mothers,” (wives of the Founding Fathers.)  Go read the book.

We shared our thoughts.  We accepted opposing opinions.  That’s what makes for a good discussion group.  I’m going to enjoy this book club.  Its name is Books in the Cellar.  I’m kidding.  It really has no name, but since its location is the cellar, basement, lower level of St. Mary’s Church, we refer to it as “St. Mary’s Book Club.”

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