Guardian Angels

I was reading this article where the Holy Father jokingly was wondering what his guardian angel was doing when he slipped and fell and broke his wrist.

Well, I've often wondered WTH my guardian angel was doing, also. I hope guardian angels have a sense of humor, because I wrote a poem about my thoughts.

Employment AD

My Guardian Angel up and quit.
I was about to fire her, anyway,
Too lazy.
Always sleeping on the job.

So I have a position open.
Looking for
an angel with a loud voice-
I'm selectively deaf.
Strong hands to hold me back from
wrong choices.
Sharp eyes to see temptation coming.
I don't.
Ability to multi-task because I'm
into a lot.
Thinking on her feet a must, because
I can't.

Pay is according to scale:
Union wage.
Fringe benefits are open to

Three references required:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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