Friday, August 28, 2009

Exercise and Eat and Don't feel Guilty

I belong to T.O.P.S.--Take Off Pounds Sensibly. Today it's my turn to give a program. A program is just a "Talk." I'll be talking about an interesting Time article.

Losing Weight:Can Exercise Trump Genes? is a study that was conducted on 704 Amish people. Why Amish? I dunno...maybe because they're all in one place. But the researchers felt this group reflected the general public. They were looking for the FT0 gene, which is associated with obesity and high body mass index--BMI. The study saw that some had two copies of a fattening variant, and these people were 67% more likely to be obese. However, there were some with the same two variants and were not fat. The diff? Exercise. But it ain't easy.

Those that weren't over weight, worked A LOT harder. They were out there on the farm an average three hours, a day, more than their skinny counterparts.

So is exercise the answer. I'm not going to kill myself exercising. I'll walk that's about it. I'll watch that I don't over eat. I want to be healthy, not skinny. Been there. It wasn't healthy.

Your health is a gift. Thank God for it.

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