Thursday, August 20, 2009

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

So I'm almost a week late in reading my Pilot, but I do read it. And I did read something that made me want to comment. BTW, I looked up the Pilot on the web and tried to find the article, but couldn't. Frustrating. I wanted to link to it.

Then, I was just going to wing it. I read the article again and noticed that the author, Effie Caldarola wrote for the Catholic News Service. Yep. That's where I found it.

What's the article that made me move my lazy a**?

"The Alaska Innocence Project"

Caldarola tells the story of Beverly Monroe. She's a lady who was in prison for seven years for a crime that she didn't commit. Why? Well, sh** happens, i.e., police needing to arrest somebody, public eager to convict, and a legislative system that doesn't like to reverse decisions.

DNA proved her innocence. DNA testing wasn't always available. Some states don't allow post conviction DNA testing. I don't know about MA. I would hope we do. I pray that we do. Mistakes are made, that was the point of Effie Caldarola's article.

The Alaska Innocence Project helps to exonerate innocent people. Innocence projects are all over the US. God bless these people. It's a worthy cause.

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