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Thursday, September 22, 2022

My Black Jesus

 I give myself an "F".  I didn't plan ahead.  My granddaughter and I were making a craft on prayer. We had felt kits on the The Lord's prayer.  I did the children's faces first.  When it came time to make Jesus, the only face left was the brown one.  OK.  So?  I thought nothing of it.  That is until it came time to add a beard and hair.  They were the same color as the face.  You couldn't distinguish face from beard.  It was a disaster!  

I should have used the brown face for one of the kids' faces.  The hair and beard need to be contrasted against a different color face.  My eight year old granddughter got it right.  Here's hers.

Everyone knows that God has no color, anyway.  He is the color of water.

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