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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Living Amid the Wolves

 Today I was listening to a Word on Fire Podcast # 329 Living the Liturgy by Haley Stewart.  She gave many ideas for a family to develop a relationship with the Lord.  Although it was very good.  It made me sad.  I never had the ability to perform those ideas with my family.  My husband would have called me a religious nut.  He probably would have belittle and made fun of the activities.  You definitely need the two parents to be on the same page.

How many families are like that?

What is needed is a podcast Living the Liturgy for a family where only one member is Catholic and the other is an atheist.  How do you bring up the children to be Catholic or even a believer in God?

My advice is to cool it.  Stay below the radar but there.  Over time the unsupported spouse will see that you are not a threat (religious nut).  Eventually when the mood is peaceful the Catholic spouse can start  the conversation that you would like the children to be exposed to Catholicism or Christianity.  The children should know what Christianity is all about, after all it's a major part of Western Civilization.  But the children won't be forced.  When they balk, or want to quit, OK.   

From babies to about age 5, read Bible stories, saint stories, sing Christian songs, watch Bible videos, say simple prayers often, wear crosses and medals, have beautiful Christian art around the house.  Celebrate Mardi Gras, Christmas, Easter.  Bake a king cake, hot cross buns, pretzels.

Once the children are in school, it's more difficult, but definitely don't push it.  Continue reading interesting stories, like parables and discuss them.  There are graphic novels with Christian themes.  Don't stop answering questions, explaining and even asking your own questions and discussing apologetics.  

Throughout all this time, pray.  Ask for guidance and perseverance.  You will need to be gentle as a lamb among the world's wolves.Try to guide your children toward Christian friends.  Definitely pray for a Catholic spouse.

This is a lifetime work. But God gave you this spouse and children.  Do your best and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit.  

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