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Friday, May 13, 2022

Nobody Flees From Love

 Inmates are always escaping from prisons.  Brazil is no exception.  In 2020 more than 400 inmates escaped.  But no one even tries to escape from Brazil's APAC sites.  This is Associacao de Protecao e Assistencia aos Condenados or the Association for Protecting and Assisting Convicts.

America tells the story of one inmate who escaped from six prisons before going to APAC.  He didn't even attempt to escape.  Why?  "Nobody flees from love."

APAC does not have prison guards.

APAC does not have prison uniforms.  The inmates wear regular street clothes.

They follow a 12 step program that keeps them busy.  They are not permitted to do nothing. They study, pray, clean, work and attend counseling programs.

There are over 100 of APAC facilities in Brazil.  Do you think they will ever come to USA?

from America, Dec 2021, p. 15.

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