Friday, July 7, 2017

Wild Bird in the House?

There's a post script to yesterday's tale of woe.  We were in and out of the house so often that doors were left open, specifically the door connecting the garage to the house.  And the garage doors were left open.  Well--a bird flew in the house. It almost hit hubby in the head. He just opened another door and it immediately flew right out.

Did you know that wild birds in the house were portends of death?

This morning all hell broke loose.  My daughter's father-in-law died.  She telephoned me early to ask me to come over to babysit because he died.  She had to go get her husband and tell him that his father died.  Everyone was very upset.  She turned to her own father and said, "I love you, Daddy."  That brought tears to everyone's' eyes.

We remembered that bird from last night.  I never put stock in that old wives' tale if a bird flew into your house through an opened door or window, death was not far behind.


Well, God uses many opportunities to touch base with us.

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