Thursday, July 6, 2017

A Hard Lesson

Hubby and I were stuck at home all day long. I needed to go to the bank.  I needed to pick up a prescription at the drug store.  And I needed to go teach my RCIA class, which I've been absent from for a month!  All went out the window!  My car battery was dead.  Hubby tried charging it.  We started around 9:00 AM and it's now past 7:00 PM.  He kept going outside to try starting the car--no luck.  This picture is showing one cable attached to the red node.  The other cable is just attached to the car front to be grounded - that's all it needs.

My adult children don't live far.  The one with no kids said she'd be over to help jump start or leave us her car and she and her hubby can use one car.  BUT!  She had "spin" class first, then she'll come to help.  Hubby wasn't home from work yet, because he had a softball game.

My other daughter has two children and she works.  In fact, she wouldn't be finished work until 6:00 PM and then she has to drive home.  Her husband is at the kids' hockey practice.

Forget my son.  He lives too far away.

Everyone was momentarily too busy. We just had to wait.

Well, we definitely will have to buy a new battery.  What size and what kind?  We looked at the battery to read markings. We couldn't find anything.  In fact, what we thought was the battery was only a cover.  And this was under it.
What the hell is this?

Is this some new kind of computer battery?  We better look up and read the manual.  First, we had to find it.  Fortunately, it was in the first place we looked--the glove compartment. And what to our wondering eyes appeared?

"Your vehicle's battery is located in the trunk." huh? 

Yes, that's right.  The first sentence on the page was the revelation.  
Who knew?

So, we opened the trunk.  We took out all the beach chairs, bicycle pump, rope, snow brushes, etc.  Then we lifted out the bottom and saw our spare tire.  And there beside the spare tire guessed it...the battery.  

Live and learn.

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