Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Laughing Alone

In Writers' Group today, a few didn't have anything to offer.  They didn't write anything, but they came for the socialization.  One said that we changed her attitude--we made her laugh, and she needed that.  This topic led to a discussion of laughter.

Laughing is important.  Someone made note that comedians seem to live longer than most people.  It certainly is good for one's health.  There are laughing groups where people go there to laugh.  Most of the attendees are people who are ill or recovering from illness.

The woman who teaches the laughing class came to TOPS once to do a program.  What I remember about the class is how hard it was to force myself to laugh.  Eventually, the whole concept struck me as so ridiculous, that I did laugh, for real.

This discussion also brought to mind an occasion when my friends saw a funny movie without me.  They insisted that I go see the movie.  So we went to one of those cinema setups that house 4+ movies at once.  Everyone went to see a movie in one theater and I went alone to see the recommended movie, in another.  I sat by myself. It was funny.  But every time I laughed I quickly looked around to see if anyone saw me laughing.


I don't know.  I just felt awkward laughing by myself.  It was so strange--both laughing alone and being embarrassed to laugh alone.

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