Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Nefarious Accusations

If you're not a follower of These Stone Walls, you should be.  Father Gordon MacRae has been unjustly imprisoned for over twenty years because he refused to lie and say he committed a sexual crime.  How's that for miscarriage of justice?

While in prison, Father MacRae blogs.  It's not easy.  He uses an old fashioned, broken down typewriter.  He sends his articles to a friend who then posts them on the blog, These Stone Walls.

Recently, Father MacRae has been recognized by The site, Today’s Martyrs Resources for Understanding Current Christian Witness and Martyrdom.  They published a short list commending “organizations engaged in original reporting, evangelical witness, political advocacy, refugee services and other activities, led by people who have experienced some degree of persecution firsthand.”  

This is not a Catholic organization.  Rather it is Evangelical.  Yes, 
the persecution and suppression of fundamental rights for priests  come not from a Catholic human rights forum, but from an Evangelical Christian one.

Kudos to Father MacRae.  Father won the recognition for calling to attention the media frenzy in Guam over Archbishop Anthony Apuron for apparent finance and property misappropriations.  Mud slinging has ensued.  Accusations of sexual abuse cause people to panic.  Even when judged innocent, some mud has stuck.  

Father MacRae relates the Guam headlines to Australia's Cardinal George Pell's situation.  Criminal charges have been levied against the Cardinal from forty years ago.  How does one go about proving innocence from forty years ago?  Why an accusation now?  

I'll tell you why.  Cardinal Pell was in charge of Vatican financial reform.  

Let that sink in.

Archbishop Anthony Apuron, now Cardinal Pell, are in the line of mud slinging.

Follow the money.

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