Monday, July 10, 2017


Monday Mornings is a novel by Sanjay Gupta.  To me, it was a beach read.  I read it this summer and it is a good, easy read.  If the author sounds familiar, maybe you've seen him on TV.  Sanjay Gupta is a doctor on CNN as the chief medical correspondent and a special correspondent for CBS news and 60 Minutes.  Now you'll know him as a good novelist.

Monday Mornings refers to the conference the doctors at Chelsea General every Monday morning.   There the doctors discuss any mistakes that had happened.  No one wanted to be on the hot seat but it definitely was a learning experience.

The novel is mainly about the personal and professional lives of five doctors.  You will like them all and become emotionally involved.  That's the beauty of the story.  You're in it.  You'll care about the characters.  You'll enjoy this read.

ISBN: 0446583855 (ISBN13: 9780446583855)


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