Sunday, July 16, 2017

Purple Shamrocks

This picture depicts a plant I received last year.  I don't remember the occasion.  There were no flowers on it, just the large purple triangular leaves.  They were pretty.  I remember thinking that the purple leaves were flowers.  The plastic tag on the plant called them shamrocks.  Huh?  In the first place, it was purple, not green.  Plus, the plant was not shaped like a shamrock.  The leaves were more like triangles.  But then again, shamrocks are sort of triangular shaped.

Anyway, the plant lasted awhile but one by one the stem shriveled and the leaf or flower drooped and fell over.  Every stem eventually did that.  Soon all that was left was soil.  I was busy so I just put the flower pot outside on my porch until I could get to it in the spring.

I never did get to it.  It sat next to other plants that I put out as the weather warmed.  I forgot about it. I water these plants with a hose, so everything gets wet in that area, including a pot of soil.

One day I noticed that the purple leaves had come up.  Again!  What a pleasant surprise! And if I were more efficient, that pot of soil would have been tossed out.

Today, I pulled the pot out and look at the flowers!  Surprise!

God is so good to us.

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