Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Scripture Sharing Group

My Scripture Sharing Group is overloaded with testosterone.  By that, I mean that when Mary doesn't come, like last time, I'm the only female.  And let me tell you, the feminine point of view is needed.  Otherwise, those guys would only see their side of the story.

Those guys actually thought that Elisha and the hospitable woman in 2 Kings 4:8-16 were doing hanky panky.  That thought NEVER entered my mind.

I also remember that when John 8: 1-11, was discussed, the guys said the adulteress was naked.  How else would they know she was committing adultery?  Again, that thought NEVER entered my mind.  The verses don't say that, but those guys envisioned the same picture.

Actually, that's the reason why I love this group.  I see different interpretations that would never enter my mind when reading alone.  By reading and reflecting with faithful people, we all benefit from each other's wisdom.  And isn't the Bible the story of God's relationship with His people--male and female?

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