Monday, July 31, 2017

Father Savarimuthu

Father Savarimuthu was at St. Anthony's, Sunday.  He spoke at all the Masses on behalf of his Diocese of Tiruchirappalli, India.  He began his appeal with a joke:

A man loved to play lotto.  Every day, he bought a lottery ticket.  He searched the daily newspapers to see if his numbers came up.  Sometimes he thought he had a system down.  Then he played birthdates.
    His wife would occasionally indulge, also.  One day, the lotto ticket she bought won--a million dollars.  Of course, she was ecstatic.  However, knowing how obsessed her husband was with lotto, she worried.  She was afraid he would have a heart attack when she told him the good news.
    She went to her parish priest.  She told him her concern.  Father said that he would try to help her.
    So the priest casually dropped by their house.  The man and Father chatted.  The subject of lotto came up.  The priest nonchalantly asked, "What would you do if you won a million dollars playing lotto?"  The man said, "Actually, I've thought about this, a lot.  I'd pay up my mortgage and my bills.  And Father, I'd give half to the Church."
    The priest, immediately, had a heart attack.

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