Friday, July 14, 2017

More Book Suggestions From the Rejections

Trinity College Library

 Here are my book club's rejections.  "Rejections" is an unfortunate word choice here because these books certainly are not less interesting.  There were many reasons why they weren't chosen: maybe we had too much history, too many had already read it, the book was too difficult for our public library to get for us, etc..  There are many, many reasons.  Here's the list.  I've already read seven of them and plan to read the others, as time allows.  If you're interested, here's the "chosen" list."

St. Mary’s Book Club   
Summer Suggestions - from June 2017

                What Alice Forgot                                                                          by Liane Mariaty
                        A woman suffers from a head injury and her experience with amnesia.
                Zoo Keeper’s Wife                                                                           by Diane Ackerman
                                Based on a true story of a couple who sheltered Jews in a Warsaw zoo.
                Orphan Train                                                                                    by Cristina Baker Kline
                                Friendships of an Irish orphan sent to the Midwest.
                A Man Called Ove                                                                            by Fredrik Backmann
An older man’s relationships with his neighbors after the loss of his wife
                Saints for All Occasions                                                                  by J. Courtney Sullivan
                        Two Irish sisters start new lives in the US but take separate paths.
                The Forgetting Time                                                                     by Sharon Guskin
                                Single mom’s 4 yr old might be the reincarnated spirit of a murdered child.
                The Boston Girl                                            by Anita Diamant (author of Red Tent)               
                                Young Jewish girl grows up in Boston in the early 20th century.
                My Heart Will Triumph                                                                                by Mirjana Soldo
                                Autobiography of one of the visionaries of Medjugorje
                A Way to God : Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality Journey                                                                                                                                                                                 by Matthew Fox
                                Life of Thomas Merton, Catholic monk
                White Smoke                                                                                     by Andrew Greeley
                                Story of papal election
                Catherine of Siena                                                                          by Sigrid Undset
                                Biography of Catherine of Siena, also wrote Kristin Lavransdatter
                The Orphan Master’s Son                                         by Adam Johnson
                        Propaganda, identity, and power in North Korea, winner of 2013 Pulitzer Prize
                The Name Sake                                                                                             by Jhumap Lahiri
                                Boy born in late 60’s in Indian moves to America         

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