Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Mass celebrant this morning was Fr. Bob.  He's a Xaverian missionary.  Of course he wished us all a Merry Christmas.  His homily was about his experiences in Bangladesh.  He spoke of celebrating Christmas Mass.  The children climbed above a ledge, bordering the windows, to view Mass better.  Most fell asleep.  The people were packed in.

After Mass, outside, the courtyard had numerous ovens situated around the perimeter.  This was to cook up a feast.  Although the small church housed a hundred, the outside celebration was for thousands.  Their Christmas was                                           for everyone.  All faiths were invited.  This is the true Christmas--for all.

A Priest's Day

Here is the book review I promised on Monday, for Death Comes for the Archbishop , by Willa Cather.  She really gets into the nitty-grit...