Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quiz to Help You Find the Perfect Present

Are you overwhelmed with thoughts of what to get people?  Money and gift cards show no thought.  You want to do better than that.  This quiz  will help.

1.     Does the person like music?

2.     Does the person like to read?

3.     Does the person watch movies?

4.     Does the person dress stylishly?

5.     Does the person wear rude, crazy, tee shirts?

6.     Is the person a sports fanatic?

7.     Does the person wear pajamas?

8.     Is the person sentimental?

9.     How close is the person to you?

10.     How much money do you have to spend?

So take the questions you answered "yes" to, and take questions "9" and "10" into consideration, and you should have a pretty good idea what to buy.

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