Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival

It's Sunday, again!  That means it's time for A Catholic Carnival's Sunday Snippets, generously hosted by R'Ann and her This and That and the Other Thing Blog.  I suggest that you go over to her blog to see what Sunday Snippets is all about.

R'Ann was talking about her favorite title for Mary, which for her is Our Lady of Divine Providence.  My favorite title is Our Lady of Mercy because that's the title of my Lay Dominican Chapter.  The Chapter is inside a prison, so we have a very heartfelt connection to Our Lady of Mercy.

What happened this week?

Monday -- I did a book review of Ruby Heart by Cristelle Comby.  This is book two, of a detective series.  The detectives are a unique complementary combination.

Tuesday -- my thoughts about Father George's homily.

Wednesday -- I made a fool of myself, again--almost.

Thursday -- Catechesis about the Church Fathers.

Friday -- A post about hubby's toilet paper fetish.

Saturday -- Two posts: a quiz to help buying Christmas presents, and Father Jerry almost catching on fire, from the Advent Wreath.

I'm happy I went to church on Saturday, because I feel a cold coming on, and since I've been to Mass already,I can stay home and gather in my defenses to battle any germs lurking around, waiting to attack.

It's the Culture

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