Wednesday, December 25, 2013

No More Waiting

The waiting is done.
 Christmas is here.
Advent is finished.
Christmas has begun.

Not only the physicality of counting the days, opening presents, but the most telling proof of all.  The spirit has peaked.  The Advent sense of expectation has come to fruition with Christmas.  He has come.  Our long awaited Messiah is here.  Like the birth of all babies, we sigh, we see He's safe, healthy, well,--real, and we smile.

Last year I wrote these poems for Advent: Advent in Franklin, MA, Haiku, and More Advent Haiku.  So I didn't want to post them again, especially since my local newspaper just published them for Christmas.  But in my writers' group, Senior Scribblers, my fellow writer, Carol Belcher wrote a poem about coming home; it's in the local paper along with mine.  Strictly speaking, it's not about Christmas. But who's strict?  And Christmas is all about coming home.  Besides, this is my blog and I'm the mommy, that's why.  I'm putting it in.

Where is Home?                                     Home...
by Carol Belcher                                 is where I was born.
                                                        is where I grew up.
                                                        is where I got married and raised a family.
                                                        is where I retired.
                                                        is where I find myself alone.
                                                        is where I shall meet my God.

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