Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Skit on Nutrition

Surviving the Christmas Party with TOPS

Five Characters:   Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Trudy TOPS, Sally, Susie
Props:                   None really, just acted out.

Narrator 1:           Healthy lifestyles are what TOPS is all about.  If you have a
                           healthy lifestyle, you will be  what you are meant to be.
Narrator 2:          During the holidays, a TOPS knows that a cheerful, optimistic, 
                          caring demeanor is the best clothing anyone can put on. 
Trudy TOPS:       Well!  Now that I’m dressed in satin and velvet, and more importantly,                                 I’m in a good, healthy, frame of mind, I’ve got to plan. This Christmas                              party will have a buffet.
Narrator 1:          Trudy TOPS is wise.  She knows what she’s up against.  She's using mental imagery                         to practice overcoming tough situations.  She is imagining herself moving down the
                                buffet table taking reasonable servings of tasty, healthful food.
Trudy TOPS:   Before I leave, I’ll have a glass of water and an apple.  What other fruit is in the refrigerator?
Narrator 1:          Never go to a party hungry.  Hunger leads to overeating.  Trudy finishes her snacks and is off to the fun.
Trudy TOPS:       Before I open the door, I’m going to reaffirm in my mind, my behavior.  I won’t make a fool of myself.  I won’t overeat.  I won’t gossip.  I won’t choose foods laden with calories.  I’ll say something positive to everyone.  I won’t drink to much.  I will have fun.
Narrator 2:          Trudy TOPS arrives cheerfully greeting everyone.
Narrator 1:       Parties are about friends—visiting, and making new friends.  Trudy Tops spends the time chatting with everyone.
Narrator 2:      Notice that Trudy TOPS circulates among friends, as far away from the food as possible.
Trudy TOPS:       Hello Ladies.  May I join your group?
Sally & Susie:      Sure.
Sally:                      I’m going to get something to drink.  What do you ladies want?
Susie:                    I’ll have the egg nog with rum.
Trudy TOPS:       I’ll have a water, thank you.
Sally & Susie:      Oh com’on.  It’s Christmas.  It’s a party.  Don’t be a wet blanket.
Narrator 2:        Uh-Oh.  Social pressure.  Trudy Tops doesn’t like to be called a wet blanket.  She doesn’t want to be a wet blanket.  She doesn’t want to spoil Sally & Susie’s fun by making them feel guilty by drinking in front of her.  So…she says,
Trudy TOPS:       I’ll have white wine.  Pinot Noir if they have it.
Narrator 1:          Good choice.  Next to water, Pinot Noir is best.  It has 121 calories per serving.  Trudy TOPS will probably be nursing this one glass all night.
Sally:                      Time to eat.  Let’s go to the buffet table.
Narrator 2:          Trudy TOPS doesn’t go in line, immediately.  She surveys the table, as she imagined at home.   She looks the table over and skips the beginning where the bread is.  She chooses more vegetables and skips the potatoes with gravy.  Trudy choses the white turkey meat, in place of the dark.  Then she walks by the desserts, and picks up fruit instead.  Lastly, she walks away from the table and sits down to eat with Sally & Susie to enjoy her meal.
Narrator 1:       (Looking at Narrator 2)  Will you look at what Trudy TOPS chose?  There was no salad.
Narrator 2:          There was no salad on the table.  Trudy TOPS chose what she could.  Cherry tomatoes, pickles, carrot sticks.
Narrator 1:          Those broiled brussel sprouts look delicious.
Narrator 2:          The corn with red peppers looked pretty.  I bet they’re good too.
Narrator 1:          Broccoli and cauliflower heads top the plate.
Narrator 1:          Trudy Tops chose the lean white meat.
Narrator 2:          And only a little bit because her plate was so full.
Susie:                    I’m ready for dessert.
Sally:                      Trudy Tops, you’re such a slow eater!  Look you aren’t even half done!
Trudy TOPS:       I know.  I’m just enjoying the moment.  You girls are such fun.  The food is so good.  Go on and get your dessert.  I’m going to get myself a glass of water and finish eating at my own pace. 
Narrator 1 & 2:  YAY!!!  Trudy Tops is great!  Trudy Tops is the best!  Yay for Trudy!
Narrator 1:          Parties are about having fun.  That doesn’t include stuffing yourself with food until you feel bloated or drinking until you’re drunk.  Parties are enjoying the good will, the festivities, and sharing the time with old and new friends.
Narrator 2:          Talking helps you digest your food and paces your rate of eating.  Trudy TOPS spent the rest of the evening circulating among friends, making positive and happy comments to make everyone feel good, and taking sips of her Pinot Noir.
Trudy TOPS:       Good bye everyone.   Thank you.   I had a wonderful time.  I’m full.  I’m happy,  And I’m tired.  Merry Christmas to all.
Narrator 1:          And to all a good night!
Narrator 2:          Good bye.  Good night.  God bless.
Everyone:           Merry Christmas!

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