Monday, December 2, 2013

Ruby Heart

Have you ever heard of a blind PI?  Well, read the Neve & Egan series, and you’ll meet one.  Ashford Egan is the analytical, organized, and blind component of the detective team of Neve & Egan.  Alexandra Neve is the impulsive, loose cannon.  Somehow they complement each other. 

Ruby Heart is the second  novel in the Neve & Egan series.  After I read the first ten pages, (the Prologue), I had to buy the first book, Russian Dolls.  I devoured both novels.  But you don’t have to read Book One before you read Ruby Heart.  It stands by itself, and explanations are given for reference, when necessary for the story.

Ruby Heart is a necklace, a very dear necklace.  It was given to Neve & Egan’s client before World War II. The client is elderly and seriously ill.  Actually, she’s at death’s door.  So the pressure to find the necklace before Doris Hargrave’s death is critical. 

Alexandra Neve searches Nazi newspapers and actually does see the necklace on the neck of a lady, in one of them.  She identifies the woman, and tries to see if anyone in her family still has the necklace.  The necklace was probably used to buy safety from the Nazi’s. 

Don’t forget that Doris is dying.  She wants to see the necklace before she dies.  She especially wants her granddaughter to wear it on her wedding day.  It’s a family tradition that it will be a happy marriage for the wearer.

Did I mention that Alexandra’s house is burned down: that the police think the stolen necklace case is too old to investigate, that a mysterious “mob boss,” called “the Sorter,” seems to be a step ahead of them?  There’s more, too. 

Ruby Heart inspired me to look into my jewelry box to see if I had something similar to a ruby heart necklace. Better than finding my own family heirloom, I found a new detective series that I love.  I am looking forward to the next case.

I’d like to thank Tribute Books   for providing me with a complimentary review copy.

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