Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Normalizing Perversion

Good grief!  What acrobatics we put out consciences through to justify our actions!  I'm thinking of how young adults justify "recreational sex."

"We've made a personal commitment to each other."  That's their reason.  Mmmm, like I've made a personal commitment to feed my cat every day?  Walk the door?  Take care of my pets?

Is that what love has been reduced to---a personal commitment?

(Thank you Jesus for Dick, my hubby.)

That kind of personal commitment doesn't do it for me.  I want a sacred covenant relationship, made before God, and sealed with the Eucharist.

How did we ever get to this stage of human development?

Isn't love a supreme desire to seek the true good of the other person?  Forever and ever?  A desire to grow old together?  To enjoy children together?

The nature of marriage is love. I always think of Tobit praying before taking his wife, "... And so I do not take my sister for any lustful motive; I do it in singleness of heart..."

What is the nature of a personal commitment--depends (feed the cat, etc.).  Do couples in "personal commitments" take their partners not for lust?  

Nowadays, people don't take sex outside of marriage, seriously.  The culture promotes recreational sex. No  one sees any wrong in it.  Our culture has so perverted society that sex before marriage is normal.  I feel especially sorry for young women.  They have rationalized that their bodies' main purpose is to pleasure men.  Is it fun to have your hymen broken? Is it pleasurable to have sex, rather than make love?  She is also taking the risk of pregnancy, and her partner is letting her take it. I think this is a perversion of love.  The personal commitment isn't about love; it's normalizing perversion.  

(Thank you Jesus for Dick, my hubby.)

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