Friday, December 27, 2013

Linking the Resurrection to the Nativity

Msgr. Moran gives his daily homilies in a Socratic style.  Today's Gospel was John 20:1-8.  It was about the Resurrection.

After the homily, Msgr. Moran walked down to the pews.  He asked, "Why is this Gospel placed in the Christmas season?"

That was exactly my question when I heard the Gospel proclaimed.  Some answers the people gave:

Without the Resurrection, why bother with the birth of this baby?
The Resurrection completes the story that began with the Nativity.
Today's the Feast of St. John the Evangelist, and he is a part of the Resurrection story.

Msgr. Moran then asked for similarities between the two events.

                           Both involve caves--birth and death.
                          Both are heralded by angels.
                         Both involve Good News.
                        Both have people rushing to see.
                       Both involve women named Mary.
                      Both mention cloth (swaddling and shroud)
                     Both fulfill scripture.

And I was wondering why this Gospel was placed in the Christmas season.

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