Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Holiday that Keeps Giving

When we brought my granddaughter to Jordan Furniture's Enchanted Village, she had a good time, just as we expected.  I thought of the Enchanted Village, the same as I thought of Disney World.  Things and places that are geared for children, are wasted on children.  Isn't school wasted on them?  The children just don't appreciate what goes into making an event, a place, etc..  They enjoy according to their own level of enjoyment.  Adults enjoy even more.  The adult level of understanding, frame of reference, etc., allow for more grateful appreciation.

Christmas is the exception.  There are so many levels to view Christmas, that there's something for everybody.  Today, even in my late age, the fact of the Incarnation inspires such a depth of awe, that I don't have the vocabulary, nor wherewithal to express what I feel.

When I saw my infant granddaughter's eyes round into circled amazement upon looking at her first Christmas experience, I felt her understanding confirm mine.  Should I say, my understanding confirms hers?

And Christmas isn't just one day.  Advent doesn't end.  Christmas is a journey itself.  Our level of reaching the Christ child takes a lifetime.  Ponder that thought.

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Michael Seagriff said...

Pondering I will do! Faith, a Blessed New Year to your and your Family.

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