Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Being a Mother

Today, December 24, I keep thinking of Mary's labor.  I think of mine and wonder if she felt like I did. Did she feel like a whale?  Was she dying to pop that baby out? Did she worry if her baby would be all right--probably not because of what Gabriel told her.  So she had no fear that the baby would die in birthing.

Was it a long labor?  Did she even have labor pains, since she was conceived free of Original Sin?

Was she exhausted afterward but elated?  Imagine her feelings, emotions, thoughts, after giving birth.  I know how I felt after each of my babies were born.  She like I gave thanks to God for allowing me to be a partner in His creation.  We certainly were His instruments.  It's awesome being a mother.

Picture from MEK's Pencil in the Hole.

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