Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

Crazy!  Crazy.  It's crazy busy around here.  I don't think I'd feel as stressed if it weren't for the fact that I'm still recuperating.  I tire so easily.  Yesterday, I had to walk for a mile and I did OK but I slept all the way home.  We were visiting my son in Roslindale.  It's hard to find a parking spot, so we didn't move the car; we walked. However, I still managed to post every day.  And today is the day my fellow bloggers and I link together at the blog, This And That And The Other Thing.  We catch up with each other to see what happened during the week.  Here's what's happening in my world:

Monday -- Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, ...

Tuesday -- I started St. Louis de Montfort's Total Consecration to Mary.

Wednesday -- You know, it's hard to live in the world, and not be in it.

Thursday -- Did you know that a god is judged by how he treats mankind?

Friday -- Book Review of An Amish Second Christmas.

Saturday -- My Christmas present to all my friends.

Hope everybody is having a blessed Advent.  Christmas is coming this week.  Enjoy.  Our Savior will come.

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Michael Seagriff said...

Praying for a full, complete and rapid recovery.

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