Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Rush, Rush

Day One of my consecration to Mary isn't going so good.  Tomorrow will be worse because I'm babysitting all day.

Time is the culprit.  I didn't sleep well, so I woke up late and rushed.  I was in a hurry so I threw a smoothie together so I could drink it while I was running around.  I had no time to shower, maybe later.  I did sit down with my cup of coffee and looked at the first meditation for Day One.  It was Chapter Five in Matthew.  That's the beatitudes.  I thought I could skip that because I stare at the framed beatitudes every day; they're on my wall.

I had to pick up my granddaughter and bring her to nursery school.  Then I had to go to physical therapy.  I've been given exercises to do 10 times a day!  When do I have time to do that?

Afterwards, it was time to pick up my granddaughter and bring her to daycare.  Finally, I could go back home.  I prayed Morning Prayer.  I looked at the second meditation for the consecration.  It was a continuation of chapter five in Matthew.  That's all.  I know these verses.  There's no commentary.  Oh, I found my breakfast smoothie.  I figured that would be my lunch too because I don't have time to prepare anything.

I'm in a cribbage tournament, this afternoon.  No way I can let my partner down and not show up.  Besides, if I stayed home, do you think I'd be in a mood to pray?

Cribbage is now over.  I'm making supper and getting ready for a Christmas party, tonight.  I'll also look at the third meditation for Day One.  And now I have physical exercises to do.

One nice thing encouraged me today.  Anna Elissa, from Bent Bow Blog wrote a comment on yesterday's post encouraging me.  She said she was nudged into the Monfort's Consecration to Mary, too, and it changed her life because it changed her attitude.  Read her post here.

After reading Anna Elissa's comment, I felt guilty.  I can't just glance at the meditations and say "yeah, yeah, I know these verses."  I should meditate on them.

I tried.  I looked at the Tips on Prayer and Meditation and read a good method.  The word ALTAR helps.  A is for adoration of God. L is for love and that's reciprocal love for God.  T is for thanksgiving.  A is for ask. Lastly is R, for reparation.

I'd say "Well, tomorrow is another day, except tomorrow I will have even less time than today.  Lord help me.

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