Wednesday, December 10, 2014

St. George and the Chickens

My friend, Mary, told me an interesting story, today.  She was born in Kerala, India.  She was baptized in St. George's church.  St. George is honored in Kerala, and especially in this church.  They have festivals to celebrate St. George's slaying of the dragon.  In Kerala, since there are a lot of snakes, the snake is symbolized by the dragon.  They see St. George protecting the people against the snakes.  On the day of the festival, people bring their chickens to the church.  The chickens are auctioned off and the money goes to the church.

One year, Mary said she wasn't going to bother.  She didn't bring her chicks to the festival.  That night a snake came in and ate every single one of her chicks.

You better believe that she brought her chicks every year thereafter.

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