Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Neve and Egan to the Rescue

Danse Macabre, Cristelle Camby’s latest mystery is the third in the Neve & Egan cases.  The other two are Russian Dolls and Ruby Heart.  Like the others, Danse Macabre is a good whodunit, solved by the unlikely, but successfully adept,  private investigators, Alexandra Neve and Ashford Egan. One is a young lady, and the other is a blind man.  

The novel begins with a prologue to explain how Alexandra Neve and Ashford Egan came to be private investigators.  Just the fact that Egan is blind, will want the reader to read on to see how this unlikely pair can function at all, never mind be successful.  That’s what intrigues me, in this mystery and in the entire series.  How can this team of handicapped investigators solve these crimes?  That’s what the reader wants to know.

Danse Macabre tells the story of a serial killer.  At first it’s a pianist, then a ballerina, and then a singer.  The story itself begins with a mother looking for her missing daughter.  The police think the 24-year-old ballerina has simply taken off, especially since she took money and clothes.  But this is uncharacteristic of her. 

Then, a singer was found dead.  The victim’s body was arranged in a grotesque position.  Plus her eyes were stitched open. The tension and suspense mount, as the reader realizes that the missing ballerina may meet the same fate.

There are enough plot twists to surprise you and keep you turning the pages.  Another missing person is reported.  When more young artists are missing, the public is starting to think,“serial killer.” Scarier too—he’s committing strange ritualistic torture on the young ladies.

The characters, Neve and Egan are drawn well.  Crombley drew the killer so well, you’re terrified.  The author also does a fine job of building suspense.  I think young adults, as well as adult readers who love suspenseful thrillers, will be the target audience.  Everyone who loves detective series will enjoy the Neve and Egan cases, especially Danse Macabre

 This was an honest review, which I agreed to write in exchange for the free book.

Prices/Formats: $2.99 ebook, $11.99 paperback
Genre: New Adult, Detective Mystery
October 2014

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Danse Macabre Summary
Private investigators Alexandra Neve and Ashford Egan are hired to succeed where the police have failed, to safely return home a missing ballerina. With no lead to pursue and no idea who could be behind the young woman’s kidnapping, they soon find themselves at a loss as to what to do.

To make matters worse, the heart of England seems to be caught in the middle of a little Ice Age. With snow endlessly falling and Tube lines either too cramped up to use or out of service, it is a pain to do any legwork in the huge metropolis.

Oh, and because trouble never comes alone, there may also be a serial killer on the loose in the streets of East London...

Cristelle Comby's Bio: 

Cristelle Comby was born and raised in the French-speaking area of Switzerland, in Greater Geneva, where she still resides.

Thanks to her insatiable thirst for American and British action films and television dramas, her English is fluent.

She attributes to her origins her ever-peaceful nature and her undying love for chocolate. She has a passion for art, which also includes an interest in drawing and acting.

Danse Macabre is her third new-adult novel, and she’s hard at work on the next titles in the Neve & Egan series.
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Tribute Books said...

Egan being blind really sets Cristelle's mystery series apart. Doesn't it, Faith? I'm glad you agree and thanks for the review.

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