Friday, June 13, 2014

Whistling in the Dark

You see this picture.  It is a picture of Whistling Cave.  We came across it hiking in Upton State Forest, yesterday.  We were wondering why it is called Whistling Cave.  Since you could whistle inside it, and outside too, for that matter, why call it Whistling Cave?  The only reason we could think of was because people sometimes whistle when they're scared, nervous or anxious.  There is an expression "whistling in the dark,"  which I always took to mean that you were afraid and nervous.  Maybe one whistles to divert their senses from hearing and feeling anything out of the ordinary.

Whatever the reason, "whistling in the dark" isn't as effective as prayer.  Whistling will never give you the confidence praying does.  Trust in the Lord; He loves you.

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