Monday, June 23, 2014

The Kingdom is Here

Last Saturday, everybody that could, friends, church members, and members of the Bethany ministry, met at the home, of our friend, Shirley Cyr.  Shirley is dying from cancer.  Please pray for her entry into eternal life.

We all gathered in front of Shirley's home and did a Nochecita.  Shirley's friends from her parish, Bethany ministry, and prison ministry, all gathered and sang songs.  Shirley came out and greeted us, and then we all lined up to give her a final kiss and hug.

This is God's kingdom.  What an example!  We are one together praising God for Shirley's life.

About an hour ago, I got an email that Shirley has taken a turn for the worse.  Everyone will be praying for her.  May the angels take her home.

God's speed, Shirley.  De Colores.

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