Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Snippets -- A Catholic Carnival

"What do I think of Catholic schools?" is a complicated question for me.  With our decadent culture the way it is, then I think Catholic schools are a must.  However, they're not affordable around here.  They're private schools for the elite.  As for the quality of the education, well since we could never afford to send our children there, I don't know; they are at least equivalent to the public schools, from what I read.  Another thought, many homeschool their children.  Again, money wise, that's out of the question, I think for most people.  Families need two parents working just to survive.  The parents who do homeschool own their own beautiful homes.  I don't think a family living in subsidized housing could afford to have one parent stay home to home school.  So as I see it, Catholic schools are definitely necessary, just not feasible.  It's very unfortunate, because I went to both public and parochial schools.  I also taught in a parochial school.  I had not only good experiences there, but wonderful experiences. I support Catholic schools wholeheartedly, just not as they exist today.

Do you want to see what happened this week on Sunday Snippets --  A Catholic Carnival?  Then click over to This And That And The Other Thing and read to your delight.  As for me:

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Happy Pentecost!  Come Holy Spirit Come!

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