Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm a Backslider

A backslider to me is someone who has fallen behind and then comes back.  I consider myself a knitting backslider.  Thirty seven years ago, after the birth of my daughter, I stopped knitting.

I know.  I know.  That's when people do knit.  That's when they make all kinds of cute clothes.  Not me.  Once my baby came I didn't have the time to knit.  I pushed myself to make each of my three children, their own unique Christmas stocking; but that's it.  You can tell that I put less and less time in each one.  The first was made out of felt and crewel embroidery fabric.  I made my daughter's name very fancy.  The second stocking was a fast knit with a sewn name.  The last one was four granny squares and the name scribbled in glitter.

The real proof that I was a knitting backslider, was the Christmas tree skirt.  Before the babies came, I started making a Christmas tree skirt, with the magi following the star around it.  I didn't get very far and put the project down.  Not only did I put it down, I put it away.  I didn't want creeping toddlers getting into my arts and crafts projects.

That was thirty seven years ago.

Not only am I a backslider, I'm faithful and I persevere.  Last year, I picked up the project.  I didn't want to do it.  When the children were young we had real big, fat, and tall trees.  I started the Christmas tree skirt with those trees in mind.  However, now we have a skinny artificial tree.

Still.  It doesn't matter.  I started it.  I will finish it.  I said it; I will do it.

However, I may not embroider the magi scene around it.  Although it looks easy and fast.

Don't worry, even if I do, it won't take me thirty seven years.

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