Monday, June 2, 2014

Suspicious Mind

The black car sped up as it passed by the house.  Lori, for some unexplainable reason, happened to look up at that very moment. 

“It couldn’t be.” She thought.  Last night, she thought someone in a similar car was following her home.
Pic from Pencil in the Hole by MEK

“I’m getting paranoid.”

On the way home, after work, Lori ran multiple errands.  Store to store, she noticed that same black car.  It was the dog she noticed, in the passenger seat. 

“Would a stalker bring his pet along?”


Lori consciously made herself think of something else.  She focused on watering the garden.  The tiny insects buzzing around helped.  The humidity was starting to get to her.  Bugs and sweat, drove Lori into the house.

But, the door was ajar.  No way did she leave the door open.  The air conditioner was on. 

“Who’s there?”

Lori’s question went unanswered. 

Cautiously, Lori went from room to room, putting lights on.  There was no one.  She was alone. 

“Was she?”

Shaking sense into her head, Lori decided to shower, dress, and go over a neighbor’s.  She needed to return their rotor tiller, anyway. 

An hour later, Lori was knocking on her neighbor’s door.  She heard a dog backing and then the door opened.  She found herself staring into her stalker face—her presumed stalker!


“Hello, I’m Dominic, Kate’s brother, and the dog is Blackie.” 

Kate came into the room.  “Oh, I see you’ve met Dom; good, I’ve always wanted to introduce you two…”

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