Thursday, June 5, 2014

Voce Sotto

After Mass this morning, my friend were conversing in the church parking lot.  As we talked, I saw a man get in the car, we were standing in front of.  We moved aside.  He started to move and stopped.  We were chatting, so I really didn't pay that much attention to him.  I guess I thought he was just waiting for an opening in the traffic to proceed.

My friend and I continued our conversation, beside his car.  I thought the man was looking at us, but I didn't give it any thought.  After some time, I said to my friend, (voce sotto) "What is this man's problem?  Why doesn't he go?"

Guess what.

He heard me.  He responded, "I've been waiting for a break in your conversation, to ask you a question."

I was embarrassed because I thought I was speaking in voce sotto.

While I stood there with an open mouth, he explained that he noticed I was wearing a religious tee shirt.  He asked me if I were interested in Bible studies.  I told him that I belonged to two Bible Studies groups in two different parishes.

Then he handed me a present.  It's an audio Bible.  It looks like a small radio, but it only contains the Bible.  I thanked him and he moved on.

I guess God wanted to bless me.

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